Scientific Services

The Yebes Observatory allows external scientific access to its instruments and laboratories under the following conditions:

Yebes Observatory Radiotelescopes

Scientific access to the radio telescopes at the Yebes Observatory is made through a request that is evaluated by a program committee.

To observe with the 40 m radio telescope, there are several annual calls: two for single dish observations, two for the GMVA network (VLBI Millimeter Network), and three for the EVN network (European VLBI Network). Outside these calls, it is possible to request a small percentage of observation time that is classified as DDT (Director's Discretionary Time). The Yebes Observatory proposal tool allows you to choose this last option at any time of the year.

Observations with the 13.2 m radio telescope are dedicated to the VGOS project, managed by the International VLBI Service (IVS). Every year, the IVS requests time to the Yebes Observatory management. It is also possible to request observation time outside the VGOS project, while it is not fully operational (24h x 365 days a year). The request must be made via email to with the subject "13.2 m radiotelescope access". At the moment, there are no annual calls for access to this instrument.

Radiotelescope observations are made in service mode: Astronomers on duty and operators run the observations and send the observation data and history to the pprincipal investigators (PIs) on each project. Nevertheless PIs are authorized to run their observations locally at the telescope, under some circumstances.

Feed laboratory and anechoic chamber

Scientific access to feed laboratories is requested by sending an email to with the subject "Feed laboratory access". The request will be evaluated based on its technical quality. Once the proposal is accepted, a quotation for the service will be sent. The measurements will be carried out by our specialized staff.

In some circumstances, it is also possible to request studies and the manufacture of feeds. All technically feasible cases will be evaluated in terms of both costs and duration. These works are usually limited to collaboration agreements, signed with other institutions or as part of national or international projects in which the Observatory participates.

Microwave and millimetre-wave cryogenic amplifiers lab

Scientific access to the microwave, millimetre and cryogenics laboratories for the measurement of devices is requested anytime by sending an email to accesosICTS@oan.eswith the subject "Access to microwave laboratories". All requests are evaluated based on its technical feasibility, and a budget is offered if accepted. The measurements of the devices are made by specialized ICTS staff.

In some circumstances, it is possible, to order cryogenic amplifiers, passive devices (such as hybrids), phase measurement and cable measurement systems, and complete radio astronomy receivers. All technically feasible requests are evaluated in terms of cost and complexity before providing a pricing quote. These works are usually limited to collaboration agreements signed with other institutions or as part of national or international projects partnership.

Gravimetry pavilion

Scientific access to the gravimetry pavilion concerning the pavilion's permanent superconducting gravimeter must be made through a direct request to with the subject "Access to Gravimetry". As in the other facilities, its technical quality will be evaluated before returning a pricing quote. All the measurements are made by our technical staff.

The data obtained with the permanent instruments of the gravimetry pavilion daily, including the GNSS, are sent to the corresponding international servers. These data are publicly available, like those of the rest of the gravimetry and GNSS stations networks.